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Google Glass 2 to be unveiled soon

Google Glass 2, an updated version of the Google Glass is set out to release soon. The latest version of the Glass is also designed for the using it with sunglasses and prescription glasses.


For those who weren’t satisfied with the bone-vibration feature, a new mon0 earbud has been  added to Google Glass 2.

Developers who wanted to to experience the latest version of Google Glass before anyone else had to go through a draw and pay a hefty $1500  (about £927, AU$1561). Google had also offered them to “swap out” their earlier hardware if they signed up within 60 days.

“We’ll be offering a one-time optional swap out for explorers who purchased their device  before October 28, 2013,” the company mentioned in a post on their Official Google Glass+ account.  “This hardware update will allow your Glass work with future lines of shade and prescription frames, and we’ll also include a mono earbud.”

However, Google has also been quick to fix the negative comments from users for the bone-vibration feature by providing a fix for the problem which was released in the the first version of Google Glass. The select developers who had the chance to be on the explorer program and were ready to pay the price also had the privilege of choosing a their Glass with different hues.

Consumers will have to wait for the consumer edition of new Google Glass. However Google might not release the Glass during 2013.


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