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Casio Smartwatch to enter the US and Japan in March next year

Looks like Smartwatch is the new genre where most of the tech giants are interested in now. We have already seen Tech Giants like Apple, Samsung and LG to launch their own smartwatches and they have been prosperous with them in certain aspects. As it happens, we have a new entrant in the field, as the Luxury watchmaker Casio is all set to bring its own smartwatch for the public.Casio Smartwatch to enter the United States and Japan in March next year

The reports suggest that the Smartwatch from Casio will make its way into the markets of the United States of America and Japan sometime in March next year. The statement from Casio suggests that the Smartwatch will not just be a smartwatch. It will try to be smarter that a smart device and yet at the same time continues to be a watch.

Casio President also added that the smartwatch will provide the users with features that will bring in the advantages of a smartwatches as well as provide the users with the comfort required. In his words, the main aim behind the Casio smartwatch is to create “a device that won’t break easily, is simple to put on, and feels good to wear.”

The Casio Smartwatch will come equipped with all the features that the other smartwatches provide to the users like the heartbeat monitor, fitness tracker, schedule manager, etc.. It will be interesting to see how the Casio Smartwatch fares in the market, which is filled with devices from giants like Apple, Samsung, LG, etc..

In other words, the experts believe that Casio smartwatch will face extreme competition from its other counterparts unless it has something exquisite to provide to its customers. The Casio smartwatch is expected to have a price tag of around $350, which is similar to that of Apple Watch Sport at $349.

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