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The internet is out of IP addresses, sort of

All of us were aware that a day will come when we will run out of IPv4 internet addresses and will have to make way for IPv6 to take over. But none of us probably realized that the day will be arriving so soon. Right now, the last IPv4 addresses are probably also being set into action. Now with only a few IPv4 addresses left, we can certainly say that the internet has really grown to a great extent.internet-global

According to the reports, there are only 0.0085/8 IPv4 address blocks left, which means that not more than 500 IPv4 address blocks are left. The report comes in form American Registry for Internet Numbers as they have already activated the Unmet Request Policy.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers is a non-profit organization, which maintains the internet address across the United States of America, Canada and the other Caribbean nations. The organization has stated that there are no longer enough IPv4 addresses available to them to meet the demands. We are probably looking at the last four weeks for IPv4 addresses if not less.

But if you still want to have an IPv4 address, you will either have to take whatever ARIN gives to you or you will have to buy it from an IP reseller, which might turn out to be a costly deal for you. The experts believe that with the extinction of IPv4 addresses, there is a good chance that the existing IPv4 address blocks may well be sold at extremely high prices leading to black marketing.

The best possible solution is to switch on to IPv6 from IPv4 addresses in order to ensure that you can use the internet the way you want to. In fact, various organizations must be aware of the changes in order to keep up the pace. ARIN’s CEO John Curran believes that the dynamic growth of the Internet and the internet using devices has probably led to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses quicker than the prediction.

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