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Apple iPhone 6s leaked: Improved 4G, rose gold color and upgraded NFC

According to the report by AppleInsider, the next-generation of Apple iPhone, iPhone 6s probably comes with an all-new color option –rose gold colors for the customers. The so-called iPhone 6s images of its new rear shell were shared in the Sina Weibo microblogging site by a user.9to56sboard

From that image, we can clearly tell that the rear shell of the device is painted with a ‘rose gold’ color. Anyways, the image might be a faked one, but in the same while, the same suggested that the upcoming device might come in the “rose gold” and also adds to the list of Apple default color options. Already, Apple has introduced golden color too, the chance of introducing a new color is high for the device and make it total of four.

Apart from this, leaks for iPhone 6s is starting to roll out in the Internet and even internal components also leaked in the internet.

The current leaked report that NFC hardware is upgraded while comparing to previous versions of the device, and new flash memory too. The images were reported by 9to5Mac and claim the new iPhone 6s logic board, in collaboration with “with patent and technology intelligence consultancy, Chipworks Inc.”

Upgraded NFC chip: Since 2012, same NFC chip is found in the entire device available in the globe, although from iPhone 6 only Apple started to include in the device. Chipworks found that, an upgraded version of NFC tag will be used in the device, and till now, it’s not sure what will be offered through the new chip. In the meantime, the device comes with a smaller logic board than the previous iPhone 6 model, and comes with few additional chips too. Additionally, the device comes with a reduced flash memory chip, and also a new CPU that offers more efficient performance with less battery consumption.

Entry level model has 16GB of internal memory: A report analysis from 9to5Mac provide us valid information that the prototype comes with a 16 GB Toshiba Flash Memory chip. It is not sure that the device comes with an exact 16GB for entry-level model. It might be for testing purposes, Apple may include 32 GB version for an entry level one to boost up its revenue.

iPhone 6s Design and other features: The device might looks similar to iPhone 6 – more over externally. The device powered up with a powerful A9 Processor with 2 GB of RAM, with Force Touch, also 12 Mega-pixel rear camera too.

The rear shell of the device is similar to the iPhone 6 on the outside – leaving the exterior untouched, which includes same thickness and width of the device. The port available in the device, looks similar in exterior, but comes with a central lightning connector, also a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The device also comes with an enhanced battery life, all because of reduced chip size.

The device is more expected to be blessed, with its power-ups as well as performance boosts. With new Qualcomm chip, the device might come with an improved level of LTE connectivity.

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