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Happy Fourth of July: Best 5 apps for fun, food and travel plans

If you’re a person who loves to travel and explore the vicinity of every nook and corner of the world, and the United States of America is on your next hit list, these mind-blowing apps will make your trip full of bliss.happy-fourth-of-july

These five unbeatable apps will make you witness the unexplored America as never before with a scintillating charm of its own – The Revolution: Interactive Guide, Scribd, Fireworks Arcade, Waze and EPA’s SunWise UV Index.

The Revolution: Interactive Guide

July 4th, celebrated as Independence Day in America, we bring you an app which bounds the keynotes in American History and will compel you to take out some time for stirring the patriot inside you near the beach or any place where you can indulge in such kind of reading. Some of the keynotes of this app include – a ride though the formation of US with interactive flashcards, explicable war maps, audio narrations, inspiring biographies, review quizzes and vivacious images.


The main highlights, of this featured app flourish – An AP U.S. History teacher’s narrations of key themes, Interactive maps portraying the movements of British, American, and French forces from Lexington in April 1775 to Yorktown in October 1781, Historical mini-features including The Battle of Yorktown, American Society and many more, Review questions on topics and Artwork of the Revolution: John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

Click here, to download the app for Apple iOS


Now, you can read the Declaration of Independence on the go, for free, with Scribd, dedicated in the memory of America’s birthday. Check out the framing of the Constitution, while you admire the scenic beauty of rapturous stars beneath the sky. This app has access to hundreds of titles, but just with a monthly subscription of &8.99 a month, you also can sign up for a free month too.


With this app, Scribd, you can easily download a range of books to your device; the only thing that might bite you is the size of the app, which pretty much occupies a good chunk of your device’s memory.

Click here, to download the app for Apple iOS or to download the app for Android.

Fireworks Arcade

If you’re a fanatic of blazing fireworks around, you should really go for this app. Just download the Fireworks Arcade and you can involve yourselves in some serious gaming stuff, all related to fireworks, or you can just create your own show too. This app is really a simple one to use and will make those stars shine brighter by adding musical effects to your fireworks, wherever and whenever with those instant fireworks.


Click here, to download the app for Apple iOS or to download the app for Android.

Waze – GPS, Maps & Social Traffic

Waze is a proactive app that will make your road trips goes smooth and stress-free. The app mainly relies on local community input and keeps its users updated with the latest traffic blockages, due to areas undergoing constructions, accidents or other hindrances. Waze is absolutely freely available for download at devices supporting iOS, Android and Windows technology.


This app will also indicate you of the police stations and gas-stations ahead, although one person is needed to keep on constantly updating the app, and the app also can be slower in areas without WiFi connectivity.

Click here, to download the app for Apple iOS or to download the app for Android.

EPA’s SunWise UV Index

The EPA SunWise UV Index is an app from the Environmental Protection Agency, which provides forecasts on hourly and daily basis of the ultraviolet radiation levels in your area, to keep you cautious before in hand. It’s a hot sunny day and you’ve plans to go to a pool party or a BBQ, then the EPA’s app will tell you the right kind and amount of sunscreen you need to apply to keep yourselves unharmed from the UV rays. It will also give a heat map of America, although the graphics are not that good and you can’t plan ahead of your dates.


Click here, to download the app for Apple iOS or to download the app for Android.

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