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After Fon, now GOWEX comes with We2 app for community WiFi sharing in US

GOWEX, the Spanish company behind Wireless Smart Cities in New York, Paris Dublin, Buenos Aires and Madrid is launching a new Social community WiFi app called We2 on December 15 at New York, which will act similar to Fon WiFi sharing not only with their hardware, but software.


Partnering with New York City Economic Development Corp. GOWEX will bring We2 sharing application on their WiFi networks, which will convert any private hotspots into the public hotspots. If integrated with We2 app, the private hotspost like those found in shops and restaurants around you can be accessed for free for We2 community members addition to GOWEX’s WiFi network in more than 80 cities worldwide. We2 app will also enable the members to see each other for localised “Ad hoc” relationships.

No price details and device models has been announced, but you can use any of your existing WiFi router and use We2 social app, which is free. Europe’s Fon WiFi community started to sell $59 Fonera WiFi router towards expanding the community in U.S. But GOWEX has aimed at vast expansion by inviting telecommunication companies to partner with to bring We2 community to their networks and have additional revenue via advertising and facilitating other activities to users. GOWEX planned to increase its Wireless Smart Cities from 80 to 300 before 2020.

Carlos Gomez Vendrell, CEO of We2 said:

“With We2, GOWEX grows and further strengthens its scalability, with a differential proposal of mass consumption which makes it the strategic partner of the telecoms operator”.

According to the Press Release we received today, We2 will be launched in New York first on 15th December and will be further expanded to key areas such as Manhattan, Queens and Bronx. Currently, they have more than 2,000 outdoor access points in operating in New York City.

$900 million company, GOWEX is interested in partnering with carriers but not willing to be acquired by them. However, similar WiFi providers were acquired by the operators and in 2008, AT&T acquired Wayport for $275 million. But, there are some independent WiFi providers such as Spain-based FON and U.S.’s own Boingo.

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