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Yahoo tests Google’s results in its search, still complies Bing’s agreement

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has been in a struggle since long for recapturing growth. As per recent reports, it has been confirmed by Yahoo that it is testing with the help of search results of Google. This is permissible under the deal that was re-discussed with Microsoft. User data or plans aren’t collected by the search engine for turning over more than half the revenue to charities.yahoo-logo-office

This week it was noticed by SEO Book’s Aaron Wall that some search results that were being obtained through Yahoo were from Google. The arrangement has been confirmed by both to the NYT, but the partnership details wouldn’t be disclosed very well. As per the new deal, Bing Ads can be cut down by Yahoo by 51 percent. The rest would be filled by Gemini Systems that is owned by Yahoo or by other partners. Google is the search leader having 54.5 percent market share in this year, despite a small slump in market share.

Previously the search results of Yahoo were exclusively provided by Microsoft Bing, but the agreement was ended in April. This is possible as a search partnership with Google is being tested by Yahoo.

A costly anti-trust case is already being fought by Google in Europe wherein 90 percent of the searches are controlled. Instead, in intent based search, universal search is strategically deployed by Google in a way through which the product is degraded for slowing and excluding challengers to its search paradigm.

At one point of time, Yahoo used to be a popular homepage and search engine among users. On the other hand, Yahoo has Google with it for promotion of search advertisements and search results, for benefitting the company. With this assessment, new concerns would be raised about Google in the investigation carried out by the European Commission. But this is for sure that Yahoo is sure to enjoy loads of benefits.

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