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Facebook challenges YouTube with video ads

On Thursday, the social media giant Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has confirmed that it is taking part in video ads as well as in sharing revenue with content creators. This move from Facebook would definitely compete with search engine giant Google owned YouTube.facebook-new-logo

Based on the various snippets people tune into their News Feed, “Suggested Videos” will be loaded in the Facebook user’s account. Currently, an advertising model is being used to test “Suggested Videos” feature in the Facebook

Basically, the feature will load the video on the basis of what is being watched by the Facebook user, also focusing on a same topic, the video will load for them. Now, the feature is being experimented with those people, who were accessing Facebook with their iPhones.

A Facebook spokesperson said in an email statement as,

“We’re running a new suggested videos test, which helps people discover more videos similar to the ones they enjoy,” “Within suggested videos, we will be running a monetization test where we will show feed-style video ads and share revenue with a group of media companies and video creators.”

According to Facebook, about 55 percentage of the revenue will be shared to those content creators who create the content. The social media giant mentioned that, the company is not taking any money from the advertisement program, while it is improving the formula for video marketing.

In the meanwhile, Facebook has unveiled a new logo on Wednesday, and it is the first change to the Facebook logo in the past decade. Facebook keeps its “widely-recognized lower-case” ‘f’ in the new logo and makes following ‘a’ and ‘b’ became thinner and rounded.

As of now, Facebook has an audience of around 1.4 billion people and the rate of people accessing the platform getting increased from a smartphone while comparing to a laptop or personal computers. This might help them in increasing revenues from the “Suggested Videos” feature, and also helps the company to compete Google-owned YouTube sooner.

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