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Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: Best way to install TWRP Recovery

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are one of the latest Android operating system from the Samsung Corporation. It offers various functionality to the users, with the help of several pre-defined applications. But the same occupies lots of space in the device and also uses RAM efficiency unnecessarily.samsung-galaxy-s6-root

If you have bought the device in recent, and also want to install the TWRP custom recovery on your device, then it is the exact place to know – how to do that. Here, I shared the easiest way of installing the same in your personal computer and within few minutes, you can easily install flash custom recovery on your Samsung device. Once the TWRP recovery is installed, then it helps you to easily flash your device with custom ROMs, zip files and also let you to take a backup of your device.

The entire credits go to the developer team, Team Win Recovery Project who developed this and released the custom recovery tool for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and also for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Before you start the process, there are few things you should know, primarily you need to take backup of your device, and also you need a rooted phone for the installing custom recovery (To root your Samsung Galaxy S6, read: Rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 without Knox trip, with a single click). Make sure that you’re rooting by using above post, else it will trip the KNOX counter, which void your warranty.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S6 Or S6 Edge:

Step 1: Download TWRP recovery from the following link and save them in your device (Internal Storage).

  1. TWRP for Galaxy S6 Edge (All models)
  2. TWRP for Galaxy S6 (Sprint model)
  3. TWRP for Galaxy S6 (All other models)

Step 2: Open Google Play in your device and Install Flashify App on your device.

Step 3: After installing the application on your device, open it and grant Superuser access to the application.

Step 4:  Then, tap on the “Recovery Image” in the application and select “Choose a file”. Select the recovery image that you have downloaded before.

Step 5: Now tap “Yup!”, within 30 seconds of time, the entire process will be completed. Wait until the flashing process completes, after that tap “Reboot Now”.

That’s all; TWRP recovery has been installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge successfully.

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