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Environmental Protesters Detained by the Shanghai Police

Shanghai Police barely spared any of the environmental protesters that were gathered outside of the Municipal government on Saturday. It hurt the hopes of the latest rally that was initiated with a rumor that a petrochemical plant could be constructed into the area.shanghai-protest

Chinese people are concerned about public health in case a petrochemical plant is constructed in the area. Hence, a substantial number of people are taking to the streets in order to agitate against the hazardous nature of the projects such as petrochemical plants. The authorities have burnt the hopes of the protesters as the Shanghai Police detained the environmental protesters who had gathered for the cause.

An ample of residents in the Shanghai suburb of Jinshan had gathered outside the district government for the last one week. This happened due to the rumor that said that petrochemical plant is to be constructed in the area. However, the Shanghai authorities have declined such rumors and deemed them untrue and unreasonable.

The residents of the Jinshan suburb of Shanghai were still skeptical about it and rounded up outside the municipal government on Saturday, but the place was equipped with a substantial number of policemen. The Police pushed the demonstrators to board buses before drifting away. The police officials who were plain clothed, tried to use umbrellas in order to shield filming of the event.

According to a resident of Jinshan, “People got angry and started to chant, and then they were taken away by police.” The residents of Jinshan believe that a paraxylene is due to be set up in the industrial zone of Jinshan. Paraxylene is a hazardous chemical that is used to make fibers and plastics. An exposure to this chemical may cause eye, nose and throat irritation and the other effects of the chemical are severe too.

In April, six people were hospitalized due to the explosion at a paraxylene plant in the Southeastern Fujian province. The Shanghai government has, however, pledged to cease the environmental assessment for the industrial zone, which means that no new projects would be entertained in the area.

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