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A US federal agency funds $150 million to help for California fight drought

A Federal Agency has provided an aid of $150 million to the drought projects in California. However, it remains uncertain whether the decision will be supported by the Democrats or not. The bill is set to pass the GOP-controlled house next month. The legislation prior to this one also passed the House last year on a party line vote.drought-in-california-view

Boxer, a Californian Republican, agreed with the premise of Valadao and stated, “It’s unfortunate that House Republicans – with much fanfare – are rolling out a bill that is the same-old, same-old and will only reignite the water wars.”

The bill has also drawn support from the California Farm Bureau Federation. However, an environment group, Natural Resources Defense Council keeps the view that the bill repackaged ideas that have been repetitively rejected by the lawmakers and fisherman alike. It stated, “Without congressional action, Californians will suffer immensely, and so will everyone who relies on our agriculture. Yet the federal water administrators can’t actually quantify factual beneficial effects to listed fish from today’s policies”.

This bill would automatically authorize enhanced water pumping to San Joaquin Valley Farms and it will replace a San Joaquin River salmon and habitat restoration plan with a less zestful plan for warm water fish.

According to Wenger, “Federal policies must move from fish-first priorities to a balanced program that seeks new ways to meet the needs of both people and protected species.”

The Federal officials confirmed on Wednesday that the funding has been provided to shore up California’s drought projects.

It is important to note that California is the country’s biggest agriculture producer and it is the fourth year in a row that the state has experienced drought. This drought has been one of the worst to have hit the state in more than a thousand years. We will have to wait and see how the new bill passed by the Federal agencies helps the condition of the drought ridden California.

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