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AT&T to make huge investments in the Mexican telecom industry; 4G LTE on the way

AT&T Inc. (NASDAQ:T) is looking forward to extend its reach on to Mexico as the wireless telecom company has decided to invest a whopping $3 billion for high speed internet in Mexico. The investment is likely to affect a huge number of Mexican citizens as the company plans to reach approximately 40 million people over the period of the next 6 months. The numbers will be expected to increase to around 75 million to 80 million individuals by the end of 2016.AT&T to make huge investments in Mexican Telecom Industry

It was earlier this year that the Wireless Telecommunication Company from the United States of America officially entered the Mexican Telecommunication industry with the acquisition of Nextel de Mexico and Gurpo Lusacell for a total of $4.4 billion. The experts believe that the acquisition by AT&T and the efforts of the Mexican Government to reduce the monopoly in the Telecom sector in Mexico has allowed AT&T to make a grand entry into the Mexican Telecom industry.

In the recent past, AT&T has also launched a few services that would allow its GoPhone users to make unlimited calls to any number in Mexico. The pack also comes with a data pack at just $60. In addition, the postpaid users under the World Connect Value Plan can also get to make unlimited calls to any number in Mexico at just an add-on of $5. The experts believe that AT&T is slowly looking forward to create an extensive network of users all across North America.

The reports also suggest that AT&T is working on bringing 4G LTE service to Mexico by the end of 2018, which in turn will be a great boost for the North American nation. With the deal with DirecTV on a hold owing to regulatory issues, AT&T seems to be on track with regard to the expansion plans that it has.

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