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Here’s the grandfather of all turtles; video shows the evolution of shell

An undiscovered nature’s puzzle has long been haunting the scientist’s minds, leaving them nothing but completely startled, and that’s the origin of a turtle’s shell. Recently, they have discovered a fossil of the same creature that existed long ago, which says, turtle shell was nothing. But, a brief expanse of belly bones about a 240 million years ago, edition of the journal Nature on Wednesday read.turtle-without-shell-china

Although, they always had evidences  from the Triassic period, where scientists found the bones of  a 260 – million years old Eunotosaurus, a reptilian creature found in South Africa, with flat ribs and a rambling turtle – like figure, that little too resembled with the now existing ones.

The next occurrence of a turtle’s ancestor appeared at the Odontochelys, which was about 220 million years ago, before from this time, this turtle had a fully developed belly plate known as a “plastron” which would in due course spread out to hem in the turtle’s whole body, protecting it from attacks from above and beneath the ground. Since, no proofs have come affront in the next 40 million – year space we cannot certain the origin of plastron.

Robert Reisz, a paleontologist at the University of Toronto said, hopefully we will find more in a National Geographic Interview after the first incidence of Odontochelys found in 2008. Reisz even stated, we’re trying to close the gap between this turtle and its non – turtle ancestors.

The latest discovery of Papochelys, whose name means the “grandfather turtle”, lived about 240 – million years ago in a warm sub – tropical lake, Hans – Dieter, curator at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC told, NPR.

Centuries back, when dinosaurs inhabited our land, there lived in the middle of the survival ambush a tiny, little creature named as “grandfather turtle”. It reminds us of the turtles we have like its boxy body, plodding legs, a long neck topped by a small and a round neck, are the most fascinating creatures that we come across.

This video shows the evolution of turtle shell:

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