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Google driverless cars hit the road and nearly collided; the company denies

Clearly a case of innovation gone wrong when put to test in a practical environment. Google Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) driverless car is one of the most awaited inventions till date. The amazing product part of the Google X laboratory was put on roads with real traffic, but it seems like there is a long way to go for mass production and having this as your regular ride. While many know for a fact that Google wrote the best artificial intelligence code and engineered it to perfection, these minor glitches will be solved really soon.google-driverless-car

This is what was reported by news reporters who saw the testing happen live in front of their eyes, the two cars nearly missed colliding into one another. Even though Google denies it because the thought of such an awaited product to be involved in a road accident could ruin the reputation. But it is still more important to save lives and minimize road accidents in the United States.

Google was nagged by consumers all over the world to share information regarding its fleet of driverless cars, which used the same software as Google Lexus cars. Therefore, before this testing giant, the search giant launched a website dedicated to self-driving cars to keep the information transparent. While the excitement began with trained drivers sitting in the car with a removable steering wheel, accelerator and brakes, Google has seen almost 12 crash incidents.

The company denies saying it was because of human error, but we really want to give Google a reality check. The technology is really fascinating, but it has to be safe enough to be brought into the real world. We hope that you will still give one more chance to redefine the project and launch it again. Let us know what you think about Google driverless cars in the comments below.

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