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Simple steps to update your Xiaomi Mi 4i to MIUI 6 manually (v6.5.5)

Xiaomi has released a new update for the Xiaomi MI 4i Users. The new V6.5.5.0LXIMICD MIUI 6 update was released recently with quite a few bug fixes to the issues that were bothering the users for quite some time now. According to the release, the latest update to the MIUI 6 will address the errors like performance lag, overheating while playing games, lagging issues at certain times, etc. The manufacturer has released the update in order to ensure that the above mentioned issues are taken care of.

Simple Steps to update your MIUI 6 manually

If you are a Xiaomi MI 4i user and you are facing the same problem, then you can easily update your MIUI 6 through the UI updater application. You can also install the update your MIUI manually at ease. The process is extremely simple and will allow you to install the update at ease on your Xiaomi MI 4i.

Steps to install MIUI 6 update manually:

[Note: Make sure that you take a backup of your Android device.]

Step 1: The first step will be to download the updated MIUI 6 V6.5.5.0 LXIMICD.

[Click here to download the updated MIUI 6.]

Step 2: Now, you must connect your smartphone to your PC and copy the downloaded file in a specific folder in your internal memory of the device. Make sure you provide a suitable name to the folder for recognition.

Step 3: Click on the updater application on your phone and then manually select Choose the update package from the upper right corner.

Step 4: Now, select the folder where you have copied the downloaded file.

Step 5: Once you have selected the downloaded file, the flashing process will initiate.

Step 6: The process will take some time, but your Xiaomi Mi 4i will be updated with the latest version MIUI 6 V6.5.5.0 LXIMICD.

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