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Moon Jellyfish rearranges lost body parts to maintain symmetry

The animal kingdom and the science related to it amazes me each and every time I go through some new article or a research paper. While all of us are well aware of the fact that various animals in the animal kingdom can regenerate their body parts in case of any injuries, the Moon jellyfish just does not regenerate its body parts, but rearranges it in a perfectly symmetrical shape as well. The act of regeneration is found in all animals, but with certain limitations, but the scenario of the Moon Jellyfish is completely different.71042550

According to the reports, the Moon Jellyfish does not just concentrate of regenerating the body part lost during a face-off with a predator. Instead, the jellyfish is more interested in maintaining the symmetry in its body, which is of great importance to it.

What is more interesting is the act of rearranging the regenerated cells to achieve complete symmetry. This is a completely unknown trait for any animal. More often than not Hydra is taken in as the animal with the near perfect ability to regenerate as it can regenerate any body part at ease.

The assistant professor of biology at Caltech University, Mr. Lea Geontoro states that this is altogether a different set of mechanism use by the Moon Jellyfish to regenerate and rearrange its body parts to maintain body symmetry. This is something much more advanced that just healing regenerating body parts.

The report also states that the act of rearrangement is an extremely important for a jellyfish. As most of the animals have a specific right and left hand side, a jellyfish has an upper and lower body section. Thus it becomes extremely important to maintain the symmetry in order to go through all the natural processes. Radial symmetry in fact plays a crucial role in the movement of a Moon Jellyfish.

This video describes about the new study:

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