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Google creates a simple yet beautiful Android Clock app

Today, Google,  Inc.  (NASDAQ:GOOG) comes with a new application for the Android operating system, Google Clock App, and available on the Google Play Store. If you don’t like the clock application came with your device, then you can grab the all-new Google Clock app from the Google’s Play Store.google-clock-app-android-screenshot

The app comes with an alarm, timers, stopwatch and also a world clock feature, beats other clock application available in the market. Along with the functionality as a stopwatch, the Clock app wakes you for the daily grind and also let you to check time of various clocks over the worldwide.

In addition to this, the clock also supports Google Now’s voice commands, when a user says “OK Google, set an Alarm” the app will launch the alarm interface at the screen. The main aim of Google is to offer Clock app to the non-stock android users and the app is available on the device like Nexus as a stock one. Moreover, for those users who’re not satisfied with the clock application provided by the device manufacturers can download this Clock app from the Google Play Store.

The clock app is similar to other time telling application, and similar to world clock application where users can get various time update from the users. It is noteworthy, that Google update the Clock app, each and every time, when a software update has occurred. The user need not to be waited until the manufacturer roll out the update for your device. You can directly update the application in the Google Play Store without any sort of hassle.

The app weighs around 6.6 MB and is compatible with each and every mobile that runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat and later. Similar to Google Clock app, you can even download Google Photos, Google Chrome Browser, YouTube and others.

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  1. Where is the news? Google is coming up with half the features that have been on iphone for years. Why is this important?

  2. Mobility is the future and that's why the demand of android app developers is increasing day by day. Its not only in India but also in all the growing and developed economies. USA, UK, Germany, Middle East, Africa and Singapore have seen great rise in demand of mobility solutions, which is bound to grow.

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