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WikiLeaks adds 276,000 more ‘Sony hack’ documents to its database

WikiLeaks on Thursday added about 276,000 more documents from the hack of Sony Pictures into its database. In April, about 30,000 documents were added to the database, and both groups of documents can be found on its website.sony-office-building

The files include private documents, emails and financial files that were hacked though a major data breach by “Guardians of Peace” hacker group. The data breach brought down the company’s internal infrastructure and embarrassed many company executives as many private emails were leaked. WikiLeaks tweeted the news on Twitter which said Sony Files Part 2 – 276,394 more docs and a link to the archive.

Wikileaks has stated that the documents are of public interest because the influential corporation has ties to the White House, and is also connected with the US military-industry complex.  The latest release also coincides with the third-year anniversary of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, for avoiding extradition.

Though the White House blamed North Korea for the attack, Pyongyang denied responsibility. Hackers had threatened the company over the release of the film “The Interview” which depicts a fictional CIA plot to kill the North Korea’s leader. Eventually, Sony had to cancel the public screening of the movie and led to the resignation of chairperson Amy Pascal. The leaks had revealed that Pascal had shared racial jokes about US President Barack Obama over email.

Users will be able to scour the documents for information, and WikiLeaks has also hinted a collection of files which revealed “legal entanglements” of Sony Pictures and an investigation for bribery. Sony has already condemned the release of the private documents, saying that the information does not belong to the public domain in April. The company threatened the website with legal action. Sony was not available for comment on the latest development.

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