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Summer solstice on Father’s Day witnessed by thousands at Stonehenge

Although things are not like what they used to be in the past, we still feel the thrust of Summer Solstice. As if the temperatures were cool enough in the past few days, June 21 officially marks the onset of summer with the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. To be true, these events do not change the daily course of life for any individuals, but we still love to celebrate the days as if they were a part of a new set of celebrations like every year.Solstice at Stonehenge

This year Summer Solstice was marked with the arrival of approximately about 23,000 individuals at the Stonehenge to view the rising sun on the longest day of the year. The Stonehenge is an important part of the summer solstice culture in England as the monument is aligned perfectly with the sunrise of the summer solstice and the sunset of the winter solstice.

The other parts of the Northern Hemisphere also celebrated the longest day of the summer in various different fashions. Washington saw a new light after the storms on Saturday night, which in turn did not help in cooling down the temperatures at all. The forecast suggests heavy rain, thunderstorms and even chances of tornadoes hitting many parts of the United States.

June Solstice: The longest day of the Northern Hemisphere  

June 21 marks the day when the sun is directly on top of the Tropic of Cancer, allowing the sun’s rays to light up the land for a maximum duration. The duration of day in major parts of the Northern Hemisphere will be more than 13 hours on an average with the duration increasing as we move further north. The experts believe that this year, the average temperatures may rise by a few degrees.

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