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Apple iPhone 6s will not be slimmer than the current model

After the launch of Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it is highly anticipated about the release of iPhone 6s. The current rumors say that, the upcoming iPhone comes slightly thicker than its predecessors.apple-iphones-thickness

Apple is well- known for putting in a lot of effort from its side towards each iPhone’s design, engineering and manufacturing flair into making the device thinner than its competitor, as they choose to deem that being emaciated gives an edge to the design.

Company’s Vice president for marketing and sales labeled slenderness as a marketing strategy and not as a trait when inquired whether the Apple’s obsession with the skinny had gone too far.

On the second day of the World Web Developer’s Conference, Apple’s Phil Schiller told Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, If you want a product that’s thick with a bigger battery and in turn, it comes heavier, more costly and in the same time, it should no longer to charge. He further added that, the company model each and every size, every weight, and try to figure out which can be traded-off as best.

The KGI securities Ming-Vhi Kuo assured that the next iPhone’s thickness will have nothing to do with its battery life  than making some room for the Force Touch electronics that is sure to become a bottom-line for the devices sales hike. However, it’s still considered to be an anecdote, but following Kuo’s footprints, Apple specs are comparatively taken as pretty much good. He enforced the Apple watch a year ahead of time by clocking it righteously down to its two sizes, with a sapphire screen and an NFC chip with a wireless charger incorporated in it.

Kuo’s one more prediction is that the iPhone 6s will only be available in two sizes – 4.5 inch and 5 inch didn’t seem to be coming alive, as he desired for an iPhone 6s that should be 4 inches, fits easily into pocket with all the familiar icons within scales.

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