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This add-on will make your iPhone a DSLR-like shooting gadget

You can now enhance your photography experience with your iPhone by adding an external standalone 20-megapixel camera acknowledged as DxO One. The camera put together with your iPhone may seem a figment of your imagination like a camera handle, but it is actually the camera, and the illuminated plug-connected iPhone, is the viewfinder.dxo-one-iphone-camera

Even now, the Apple iPhone allows you to take splendid photos through its 8MP camera and 1080p video, but still every now and then you need to make slight adjustments with the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, add on with the low megapixel count.

With the use of new DxO One that comes with a price tag of $599, entire focus would be shifted towards the camera with DSLR-level chop’s rule from the iPhone’s camera capturing virtues. The DxO One  will nicely lay on the palm of your hand, and it’s about 2.65 inches elevated, 1 inch wide, about 2 inches deep and including a 1 inch image sensor, a compact LED touchscreen on its rear end, a six blade aperture iris and a six-element lens. Being extremely lightweight and easy-to-handle makes it a true winner and it gives you a classy focal-length of 11.9 mm, which is nearly equal to 32mm (in full frame), DxO says.

The DxO One is for all intents and purposes designed for landscapes, portraits and foremost any image you wish to capture using a DSLR. DxO One is a renowned name, when it comes to providing meticulous scrutiny of image and video quality from the manufacturers and other media outlets. It’s not the first time that the company has built the consumer imaging hardware, the technology is already embedded within 300 million Smartphone.

Working with iOS

Your iPhone will recognize the DxO One camera as soon as you install the DxO software, after that just launch the app and be a spectator while your iPhone turns into a touchscreen viewfinder for the DxO One effortlessly. It also offers a notable level of control in regard to the shutter and aperture settings, prioritizing full manual control in line with a well-brought-up DSLR. So, you have all the liberties of adjusting the f-stop F/11 and alter the shutter speed from as fast as 1/8000th of a second to as slow as 15 seconds for previewing the screen through a live exposure meter.

DxO has crafted the camera purposely to work with the Apple iOS ecosystem, all you need to do is slide down the camera lens cover to turn it on and give a press until it releases the lighting port plug. The advantage of using the lighting port over a Bluetooth connection or WiFi is obvious, Lightning offers 10x the bandwidth of WiFi i.e. the photos will get clicked and stored in your smartphone’s memory at a pace you won’t even realize.

You can rotate the connector and the iPhone in 60 degrees in either direction, while DxO is connected of your iPhone and the cherry on the cake is the ‘Selfie Mode’, to access it you need to detach the iPhone, rotate it to 180 degrees and plug it back again into the DxO’s lightning plug. Now you, the camera and viewfinder are face to face, so who’s stopping you from taking awesome selfies. Also, the camera shoots in RAW by default and will send those snaps to your camera roll in JPEG format automatically.

Pics, Videos and More

The keynote is DxO One ups the ante with a second RAW shooting mode defined as, naturally Super RAW. Super RAW is specially designed for low-light situations, it takes four RAW images and then compares them wittily removing the naturally persisting graininess. However, the camera at DxO One by and large outputs 1080p footage at 30 frames per second in standard mode and 720p at 120fps for slow motion and lacks a powerful zoom, unlike the Sony’s Lens Type cameras – devices that lacked zoom lens.


In the month of September, when the DSLR-level chop will initiate its shipping, there may not be enough accessories available, though some are already taken in consideration by the company. Also, the threading inside the DxO One lens can have room for lens attachments too, and on the whole, it’s a captivating entry into the booming Smartphone buyer’s market.

On the contrary, the DxO One habitats every bit of its professional level desktop software, including Connect, FilmPack, Optics Pro which is a high point, when it comes to a price tag amounting to just $599 with its own full blown pro-level camera.

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