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Apple iPhone 6s/7 rumors: KGI Security’s Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions

As the time nears for Apple iPhone 6s to make its official debut, rumors have become intense. There have been several rumors with regard to the features and specs of this next generation handset of Apple. However, no official announcements have been made.iPhone_7

Kuo Ming-Chi, the analyst of KGI Securities is very famous as he can accurately predict the moves of Apple. Given below are some of his predictions:

First of all, it is certain that the handset would definitely have the new feature of Force Touch, which is also present in the Apple Watch. When we talk about how the phone would be powered, without any doubt, the A9 chip would be seen in action. It would use the 2GB LPDDR4 RAM Chip.

To add to the predictions, there is the camera that can be upgraded. It might be seen using 12 MP sensor and not 8. Already, phones by Apple Inc are known for their potent cameras and with this boost in MP, its position will definitely be consolidated. The phone would be seen in a unique color, rose gold, which was seen previously on Apple Watch. It is still not known whether extra money has to be given for this option. Since this color is an exclusive one, extra money might have to be paid.

It would have an extra microphone along with speakers so that the quality is improved.  Talking about the design, there aren’t any predictions yet since all ‘S’ versions have a similar look like that of the predecessor. However, a new casing material is mentioned by the analyst so that new ‘Bendgate’ is avoided.

So what’s your opinion about the predictions made by Kuo Ming-Chi? Are you still having some other predictions of iPhone 6s. If so, share it soon.

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