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Capcom’s Street Fighter V features new fighting mechanics

Street Fighter V, Capcom’s much-waited game for PS4 features new fighting techniques that are likely to meet the expectations of players. The developer has claimed that Street Fighter 4 is nothing when compared to the new game that is set to release soon.street-fighter-5

Since 2008, Capcom has been releasing a new version of Street Fighter every year for PC and other platforms. Every new game sees an improvement in-game mechanics while the latest installment sees the addition of V-Skills and V-Triggers. Each character will now be able to use their unique V-Skill and V-Trigger abilities. V-Skills can be activated by using two medium buttons, and V-Triggers will require both heavy buttons together.

Last Sunday, Nintendo announced that Street Fighter’s Ryu has joined Super Smash Bros, and Fire Emblem’s Roy will be returning to the game on Wii U and 3DS. Players can also buy new items from eShop, including three fighters, new stages and Mii fighter costumes, based on popular action games.

The game will feature four types of fighting modes: V-Skill, V-Trigger, V-Meter and V-Reversal. V-Skill abilities allow the player to catch and throw the projectile of the opponent. The technique is adopted by character Chun-Li as her jumping arc and become lower and wider, and she needs to evade projectiles. V-Trigger ability is added to the skills of Ryu and Cammy, where the former can turn his hands electric for more power, and Cammy can increase the speed and damage of the hits.

M. Bison and Nash use the V-Meter technique to different teleportation methods while V-Reversal techniques allow the characters to cause damage by blocking and attacking at the same time. It remains unclear why the developer chose to add different fighting systems for every character. However, it is likely that the producer wanted to personalize the characters. This would allow players to improve the fighting skills and the different approaches might not make them bored of the game.

The EX Special Moves and Super Moves (Critical Arts) remain in the game, and will be powered by super meter. However, there are still many unknown features in the game while the developer has previewed the new fighting system. The game is set to hit the stores in March 2016 for PS4.

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