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Recent Image from Cassini shows a clear view of craters on Saturn’s moon Dione

Cassini added yet another feather to NASA’s crown as the spacecraft just snapped the closest picture of Saturn’s satellite Dione till date. The spacecraft can be easily termed as the source of all the major information that we have about the ring planet. Saturn is often termed as the most beautiful planet of our Solar System but it was always believed that the surface has a lot of hidden information. Gathering information about Saturn and its satellites was the main objective of Cassini since its launch and till date the spacecraft has answered quite a few questions about the huge planet.Image from Cassini shows a clear view of Craters on Dione

Cassini got a much closer look on the surface of Saturn’s Satellite Dione as the spacecraft was just 321 miles away from the surface. This is Cassini’s second meeting with Dione and the spacecraft is expected to have another meeting at 295 miles away in August.

The images taken by Cassini shows that the surface of Dione is very similar to the kind of surface that we have on our moon. This on the other hand gives a clear indication of the incoming that Dione faces frequently. The craters in the images clearly show the kind of impact, which in turn provides a rough idea about the kind of atmosphere on Dione.

Cassini will also be expected to answer a few questions about the rings of Saturn, after the spacecraft has visited and examined the rings. The reports have it that NASA will soon command Cassini to probe into the rings of Saturn and bring us more information about them.

Cassini will also be expected to provide information about the Icy Surface of Saturn. Some scientists believe that underneath the Icy surface, Saturn hides a completely different story altogether. Cassini was launched in 1997 and it reached Saturn in 2004 and since then has been sending us pictures of the Ring Planet.

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