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Cubans get more access to the Internet with more WiFi hotspots

The increasingly deprived Internet access spread across political lines by entrepreneurs  and computer programmers as well as journalists and ordinary citizens who wish to be in touch with relatives abroad, has always been a basis of concern. But, not anymore, since the Cuban citizens will shortly experience a wave of about three dozen Wi-Fi hotspots around the island, which will sweep away all their uncertainties.cuba-wifi-cultural-center

The decision could mark a turning point, Ted Henken, a professor at Baruch College in New York who has gained detailed knowledge in the stream of social media and Internet in Cuba. He further stated in a telephonic interview, their model was, nobody gets internet, but now they imply to bring down the prices and expand the access at ease.

Google executives visited Cuba twice this year, gathering with the government officials as well as web developers, bloggers and journalists. They have projected helping the Castro government’s increasing connectivity, according to news reports. The social networking site Twitter has also approached the government to discuss about providing Cubans with the power to make posts through text message – a service available across many countries.

However, the decision to increase the Internet Connectivity somewhat comes from – as a result of the growing curiosity of American companies in the distribution of their services available and help getting more Cubans exposed to Internet access online.

ETECSA, the state-run telecommunications company has affirmed, it will open 35 Wi-Fi hotspots, mainly positioned at the parks and boulevards of cities, a company spokesperson told Juventud Rebelde. The connection will merely charge over $2 per hour, almost half of it what it presently overheads in an Internet Café.

The government has opened a chain of about a dozen of Internet Cafes and introduced email services for the island’s vague population, around a million or so cell phone users. It revealed its keenness to spread out its internet connectivity this month, in a leaked report that debated upon – the lack of Internet access was heading flip-side the economy.

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