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Honda confirms eighth death linked with the rupture of Takata airbags

Honda Motor Company Ltd. (NASDAQ:HMC) United States unit said on Friday that the company has been linked the death of a lady in the month of September last year in Los Angeles, California, with the rupture of Takata airbag. The rupture of Takata airbag inflator has brought fatalities of eight, in the past.inflated-takata-airbag

The United States Safety Regulator has confirmed that the death of Jewel Brangman in the year of 2001 on Honda Civic, also related to the Takata airbag inflator. The death of Jewel Brangman is the 7th US death related to the airbag inflators, which explodes and sends shards of metal pieces through the passenger in the cars.

The United States Safety Regulator has passed an order to recall the vehicles that are equipped with 34 million Takata airbag inflators. Till now, the exact number of recalled vehicles is unclear, since several million of vehicles have used Takata airbag inflators till now. The manufacturer indicates that more than 16 million vehicles in the United States are about to recall for the issue.

US vehicle safety regulators said in a statement the case illustrates

“why we are seeking authority to prohibit sale or rental of any vehicle with an open safety recall.”

The company mentioned in the statement, that the 2001 car has issued a salvage title in the month of October in 2011, after that, the vehicle has been bought by a rental agency in San Diego. In the month of August 2014, the car was rented to Ms. Brangman. In the statement, the company doesn’t elaborate or brief about the rental car company.

The company mentioned in its statement that, the airbag inflator was subject to recall since 2009, and four times recall notice has already sent to the registered address of the vehicle in August 2009. The company is urging owners of the recalled vehicles to repair the airbag inflators “as soon as possible.”

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