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New Android smartphones to be launched by Nokia in 2016

Nokia, once the phone giant has plans of making a comeback to market of smartphones and this time with some new launch that would be taking place in early 2016. Last month, the president of Nokia China gave a confirmation that new Android smartphones would be launched in 2016.  Now, Rajeev Suri, the CEO of Nokia has also confirmed this. He told Manager-Magazin of Germany that the company is planning for, designing as well as licensing handsets by next year.nokia-android-phone-rumors

The phone business of Nokia was acquired formally by Microsoft a year ago through Nokia Technologies, one of its divisions. It is known for its huge portfolio of over ten thousand patents. However, its inclusion wasn’t seen.  As part of the deal in relation to purchase of Nokia Devices as well as services by Microsoft, it has the right of using the brand name of Nokia for some period of time and it can produce smartphones by Nokia in the year 2015. It means that Nokia cannot enter into competition in market of smartphones until the year 2016.

There was a ban on the release of Nokia smartphone, which would end this year.  After this ban, it is reported that Nokia Technologies is working on some project through which a new smartphone would be announced by 2016. Mike Wang, the president of Nokia in China said that Chinese factories would be used for building new phones in the year 2016.

Rajeev Suri, the CEO of Nokia revealed that new handsets can be designed by Nokia and then the designs can be licensed. Rajeev Suri stated that he would look for good partners.

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  2. When will be available in market

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