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Scientists show evidence to believe Venus has active volcanoes

The second planet of our Solar System, Venus, is certainly a celestial neighbor of ours, about which we do not have a lot of solid visual knowledge. To be precise, we rarely have seen actually what happens on Venus, under the veil of cloud that surrounds the planet. Whatever we know about the planet is basically based on the comparative study that the astronomer and scientists have churned over the past. Most of the soviet trips to Venus have not even lasted for hours, but they are the only ones to have given us the real insight into Venus.

Venus from space

Believe me when I say that Venus is seriously a hot celestial neighbor of ours. The reports suggest that the surface of Venus has been drafted by a lot of volcanic eruptions in the past. But according to a recent paper published in the Geophysical Research Letters, Venus is still home to numerous active volcanoes. The European Space Agency’s Venus Express Probe has send in some data, which indicates that molten lava from the active volcanoes flows along the surface of Venus.

Eugene Shalygin from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS) in Germany is lead author of the paper. Shalygin said:

We have now seen several events where a spot on the surface suddenly gets much hotter, and then cools down again.

These four ‘hotspots’ are located in what are known from radar imagery to be tectonic rift zones, but this is the first time we have detected that they are hot and changing in temperature from day to day. It is the most tantalizing evidence yet for active volcanism.

European Space Agency’s Venus Express Probe has used a near infrared imaging technique to identify the lava on the surface. According to the study, infrared can detect small changes in surface brightness, which here in pertains to significant increase in surface temperature. The amount of temperature that we are talking about here can happen only when the subject in question is Lava.


The other interesting point is that the changes recorded by the infrared imaging at Venus Express Probe are all along the anticipated fault lines of Venus. The scientists are confident of the existence of active volcanoes on the surface of Venus, which puts in the hot planet in an elite group of bodies in the solar system that exhibit volcanic activity. This on the other hand indicates to the existence of various gases as well.

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