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Russian researchers say, most Kangaroos are left handed

Till date it was believed that the trait of a strong hand and a weak hand existed, basically in humans and our related primates. The idea was that most of the other animals with the right hand and left hand business used both their hands in an equal proportion. But all of this thought base were shattered as the reports from a recent scientific study pointed towards Kangaroos being left handed. The reports have come in from the research conducted by scientists on the wild kangaroos in Australia.kangaroo-left-handed

According to the reports, the research shows that the marsupials from the Australian backyard have a tendency to use its left hand for all the major self services, like feeding, self grooming etc. The interesting scenario is that while humans and our related primates are generally right handed, the kangaroos are completely opposite in their nature. The scientists believe that this is quite a unique feature in the evolution of mammals and it might just lead to a few interesting findings.

The researchers from the St. Petersburg State University of Russia believes that this stark difference in the general response of both the species is interesting as well as raises a few questions about the degree of change mammals are going through during the stages of evolution.

“We found a pronounced degree of handedness in an animal group only distantly related to humans,” said Yego Malashichev, a zoologist at Saint Petersburg State University, in an interview with The VergeMalashichev stated:

“According to a special-assessment scale of handedness adopted for primates, kangaroos pulled down the highest grades. We observed a remarkable consistency in responses across bipedal species in that they all prefer to use the left, not the right, hand.”

The researchers added that the Kangaroos at the first place should not have this distinction between using their left and right hands. The dependence on the left hands in Kangaroos is an extremely rare situation seen in bipedal animals.

The kangaroos use hopping as their main means of locomotion and this can be stated as the main reason why Kangaroos have developed a major dependence on their hands leading to a pronounced degree of handedness.

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