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The rate of Unemployment rises in 25 US states, adds 280,000 jobs

The unemployment rate has unexpectedly risen in 25 of the states. In 16 states, the unemployment rates remained the same, though, according to the Labor department.texas-unemployment-level

Although the unemployment rates are rising like a tide, employers are busy hiring people at a steady pace. The job growth is also growing in most parts of the nation. Last month, as many as thirty seven states added jobs. On the other hand, 12 of those states cut jobs. In Montana too, the hiring was too ordinary.

According to the state data collected last month, employers around the US added 280,000 jobs. Hence, the decline in unemployment rate indicates to the fact that people are applying for jobs, but aren’t getting hired at an immediate basis.

Many states picked up the employment pace and California was topping amongst them with an offering of 54,200 jobs. However, the unemployment in this state has also risen to 6.4 percent from 6.3 percent. It might have happened because around 70,000 people looked for work last month and 13,000 of them remained unemployed.

New York recorded the addition of 42,700 jobs which is second-most in consideration. The unemployment rate in New York was steady and unchanged at 5.7 percent. Texas also recorded 33,200 job placements, which was the third highest in the category. Its unemployment rate also raked up to 4.3 percent from 4.2 percent.

In the last 12 months, nearly all the states have been gainers in terms of job employment, except West Virginia that lost almost 17,000 jobs. Jobs in mining, construction and government were lost by West Virginia, according to the Labor Department.

The country’s highest unemployment rate rests with West Virginia now that was calculated at 7.2 percent from the previous value of 7 percent. Nevada has been overtaken by West Virginia in terms of unemployment rates. Nevada recorded a rate of 7.1 percent in the month of May.

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