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More than a ton of ivory crushed in New York’s Times Square

Poaching has been a concern over the last few years and in order to send a strong message across, a ton of Elephant ivory was crushed in New York’s Times Square on Friday. There were a substantial number of people who witnessed the event. They looked at the ivory turning into sand like powder when an industrial rock crusher gave it a treatment.ivory-crush-times-square

According to the president of the Wildlife Conservation Society Cristian Samper, “Today, we are not just crushing illegally poached ivory; we are crushing the bloody ivory market. We are crushing any hopes by the poachers that they will profit by killing off our Earth’s majestic elephants. Criminals, take notice.”

Poaching is causing a slow extinction of elephants from the nature. The number of elephants in Africa is lowering down each season. Most of the big animals are targeted in Africa. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who also organized the Times Square Crushing stated, “Elephant poaching is at its highest level in decades and now exceeds the species’ reproductive potential.”

Ivory trade is strictly illegal, but it has been carried out at a double rate since 2007. The United States is known to be one of the biggest markets for elephant ivory. Six ton stock of Ivory was destroyed by the United States in Denver two years ago too. The other nations are also following the trend, including the likes of The Philippines, Kenya and Gabon. They have also destroyed large quantities of Ivory in the last couple of years.

Ivory has been destroyed in New York’s Times Square included the contribution from a Philadelphia art dealer who pleaded guilty in Federal court for carrying out smuggling operations for elephant ivory in the country. According to the wildlife officials, United States has prohibited the commercial imports and domestic trade of ivory products in the country.

Poaching habits in Africa are depleting the habitat of Elephants at an alarming pace. This has been a major concern for the nations vying for animal rights. The demand of Ivory is evergreen in the market and about 35,000 elephants are poached each year for the cause.

Video of #ivorycrush:

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