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Devialet Phantom speakers are booming in the US with $2000 price tag

If someone draws a speaker, most probably they will draw some kinds of boxes with circles inside it. This is the standard design for almost each and every speaker exists in this globe. But, the story changes, when Devialet Phantom comes with a rounded blob of speaker, looks like a robot from the I Robot movie.devialet-phantom-speaker

The Phantom is a wireless speaker that comes with a well packed idea, and also interesting-looking shape. The device looks pretty damn cool and comes with a tag of $2,390 powered with a 3,000 watt speaker. Another model with 750 watts comes with a price tag of $1,990, can hit 90 dB.

Devialet Phantom works on Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth and also attached to a television through an optical cable. The main advantage of the device is that, more than one device can be attached to the device and can be paired together to create a surround stereo set-up.

Though, the device is a single speaker, it comes with four units inside it, a tweeter, two subwoofers and also a mid-range speaker. Each of them, are separated from one another and they are “hermetically sealed chamber”. The company says that the frequency range of the device is 16Hz to 25,0000KHz, and it’s essential for the entire range of human hearing.devialet-phantom-speakers-wifi

Even at the lowest volume levels, the device performance is much different from other wireless speaker. While comparing the device to SonosPlay:1, the quality is a little bit low only. The company says that, Spotify and other services are about to come, but due to the time frame, they are not added on the device. The shape of the device is purely determined by its acoustics, the shape has not “design” involved. The appearance of the device, is mainly opted for its performance, not for its appearance, the company says while concluding.

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