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Simple steps to root a Xiaomi Mi 4i (download tools)

Why would you want to root a Xiaomi MI 4i considering the features that it provides? The question was asked to me a few days back and I would like to say that Why would not I root a Xiaomi MI 4i, if I can get a much improved performance from my device. Some people have an idea that rooting will literally destroy your smartphone, while some people refrain from rooting thinking that it is a very difficult process to undertake. Well, neither it destroys your smartphone, neither it is a too much of a complex issues considering the benefits that you can get.d27420d4a421fb1dcbd91e1ce6ba610f

A couple of days back I came across a post at the MiUI forum. The post had a tool which will allow you to have the root access to your Xiaomi MI 4i at ease. This goes out to all the individuals who find the process of rooting your android device extremely complex, you can use this tool to root your Xiaomi MI 4i very easily. Before we actually venture into the steps required, let me state the basic precautions to you. Make sure you have the complete back up of your phone, such that you can restore everything after the rooting process. Also ensure that you have at least 50% power left in your Xiaomi MI 4i while you initiate the rooting process.

Steps to root a Xiaomi MI 4i

Step 1: Install the MI PC Suite on your computer. The MI Pc Suite will ensure that you have all the required drivers installed on your PC.

[Click here to download MiUI PC Suite]

Step 2: Now download the tool that I was talking about and extract the contents.

[Click here to download the Xiaomi MI 4i root tool]

Step 3: Here in you will be required to connect your Xiaomi MI 4i with your PC via USB cable.

Step 4: Now run the .exe file that you just downloaded.

First Step to Root a Xiaomi MI 4i

Step 5: You will see the screen shown above. Press 1 and then press enter.

[Note: In case, your smartphone asks for USB debugging permission, press Yes.]

Step 6: You part of the work is done. You will see that your device will restart. Approximately after 5 minutes, your device will be rooted.

Make sure that you follow the above mentioned steps carefully. If you miss out on anything, you will have to restart the process all together again from step 3 after restarting your PC as well as your smartphone. On completion of the rooting process, you will see the Super SU app.

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