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Moon’s dust cloud could wipe the footprints of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Dust clouds on the Moon is a phrase that not a lot of us have used in our recent memory. As it happens, our beloved Moon has a part of its atmosphere covered with dust and it will eventually fall on the ground covering the marks of the greatest achievement of mankind till date.moon-dust-cloud

The analysts believe that the dust around the lunar surface will eventually cover up the footprints left by the first space travelers, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The very thought can produce a different kind of emotion among all, who believe the incident to be the greatest achievement of mankind till date.

According to the reports, the dust that is hanging above the lunar surface is a result of the collision of our moon and debris from a comet. The collision has given rise to the dust cloud, which will in turn spread all across the moon in time. The interview by Mr. Horanyi states that the amount of dust that is suspended above the lunar surface will probably fill in a few craters in due time. Mr. Horanyi and his team at the University of Colorado discovered the cloud of dust.

It is a normal situation where some thrown away debris enters the atmosphere of any celestial body. In the case of Earth, the debris is treated a meteor shower. More often than not the debris gets burned completely and does not reach the Earth’s surface at all owing to the immense friction that it goes through while navigating through our atmosphere. This is what we often refer to as shooting stars. But the scenario is not the same for the moon. The atmosphere is literally non-existent, thus allowing more damage on collision.

The lunar surface has been bombarded with such celestial stuffs since its birth. The collisions account for the innumerable craters that we can see on the Moon’s surface. You can easily imagine the original effect of the collision, if you run through the craters on Earth’s surface owing to a collision with celestial debris.

The gravity of the moon on the other hand is playing the spoil sport. It is strong enough to hold on to the dust from the collision, but is not strong enough to bring it back to the lunar surface quickly. It will happen, but in the meantime a lot of things will be changed back on the moon. New Craters will be formed and the Dust on the moon will erase a few of them. The marks of the greatest achievement of mankind will not be spared as well.

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