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‘Bronze Age Eurasian DNA’ study shows how light skin and lactose tolerance came to Europeans

Food intolerance is entirely dismissed as a modern one and always been a “first-world problem”. The recent study “Analysing the genomes of 101 Bronze-Age Eurasians” provides information about the Eurosians food intolerance and also reveals that around 90 percent of them were lactose intolerant.nature14507-f1

The research also reveals that how modern Europeans appears like the way they do and also, it reveals that the Blue eyes might come from the hunters in Mesolithic Europe from the period 10,000 to 5,000 BC. Other characteristics of them comes from the newcomers of the East, who arrived later.

Before 40,000 years ago, modern humans started to spread from Africa, and also started to spread to Europe, north, west and central Asia. At present, their descendants are identified by some distinctive characteristics such as a wide range of eye, light skin and different hair colors.

Clash of cultures

In human history, there has been lots of pattern of culture rising, evolving and also superseded in the past. Archeologists have revealed that, very less amount of familiar cultures rose and fell before the Bronze Age. So, it is a hard task to find out, which culture gave rise to which today’s populations. In our history, Bronze Age (around 3,000–1,000 BC) is the time period, where most of the major advances were happened.  The study revealed that the genetic variations at the Bronze Age’s beginning looked very different while compared to current days. But, the appearance of people looks pretty similar and it suggests us that level of migration is not seen in western Eurasia.

Mutations traced

The DNA of the people living in Europe longer back in Bronze age was tested and it shows us, that they had a combination of features which resembles today, dark skin with blue eyes. In addition to this, the study reveals that most of the people of the mutation were the Yamnaya and their descendants. The study reveals us the lifestyle as well as detailed picture of how Bronze Age Europeans lived.

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