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Following the public pressure, Amazon releases its first ever transparency report

Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has finally released its first transparency report today. As a result, the company has become the last major tech company in the Fortune 500 to give away its transparency report in pressure of the public.amazon

The skepticism started after Edward Snowden highlighted the fact that the US government is spying on its customers in order to collect the confidential data that is stored in the system. This led to a public pressure mounted on Amazon due to which it has become the last of the major companies to give in transparency report.

The report showed results for the six month period for the year 2015 starting from January 1 to May 31. According to the report, Amazon embraced 813 court orders while 542 had been responded to. 25 search warrants were received by the company out of which 13 have been responded fully. However, the company did not bother to revert on 4 search warrants.

The national security requests also ranged from zero to 249. The company has however not revealed as to how many of such requests have been complied with. The company also received 132 requests from the foreign governments and full info was provided for 108 of them.

Amazon claims that it always complies with the regulations of the government and they always cooperate whenever the law enforcement agencies seek info regarding criminal or terrorist activity. The Chief Information Security officer for Amazon held the view that the company never took part in the NSA’s PRISM program and was totally against the legislations that hamper the growth of security or encryption technologies.

After releasing the transparency report, Amazon has joined the ranks of Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Snapchat among the others. It is interesting to note that NSA itself released the transparency reports last year. The release of transparency report by Amazon has definitely calmed the critics down.

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