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Samsung fined $340k for Fake online campaign against HTC

Samsung received a fine of $340,000 from Taiwanese officials for reportedly running a fake online campaign against HTC mobiles. As mentioned by BBC students and bloggers of an advertising company were allegedly hired by Samsung. The team wrote comments and posts in favor of Samsung’s products and criticizing HTC devices.


Another fine of $100,000 was also handed over to OpenTide Taiwan. the advertising firm which constantly reported to Samsung during the campaign. These actions proved that Samsung was involved in the campaign, BBC said.

“We are disappointed that the Taiwan FTC has decided that we have violated Fair Trade Act nased on online marketing activities. However we remain committed to engaging in a transparent and honest communication with  consumers,” said a Samsung spokesperson in a statement. ” Samsung Electronics Taiwan is carefully reviewing the decision and will take all necessary steps  to protect our reputation as a company which values its customers. Samsung Electronics Taiwan will continue to provide exceptional value for consumers in Taiwan through a wide variety of innovative products and services.”

“As this is legal matter between Samsung and Taiwanese government. we will opt not to comment.” said a HTC spokesperson

In an investigation Chinese customers were offered faulty devices and Samsung had to issue an apology. These issues faced by the company wouldn’t be much of a concern as the Samsung posted $9.3 billion earnings for the 3rd quarter this year.



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