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Apple its own trick to make you pay for its music streaming service forever

As Cupertino witnessed the longed launch of Apple Music at the Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) WWDC keynote this week, it answered all the qualms that emerged when it was initially announced (like when will Tim Cook and his team launch a streaming music service?). The essence of it is that, Apple can now divert its attention towards more valid topics – such as the launch of Apple Watch.apple-music

The venture ship between the trio – Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, on a whole covers a dominant part of the musical streaming output. That’s why the real ones to be benefited out of this juncture are the Music labels and their basis.

A monthly subscription pack is the future of the streaming music industry, the executives of these music giants believe. Midem, Sony’s CEO Doug Morris addressed an audience saying that ad-supported streams are nine times less efficient than paid-for subscriptions in generating income for the labels. Interestingly, the cost of Apple’s music levelled up to $9.99, a cost that’s equally worth the other popular streaming services.

The whole agenda is about which music company will get ten dollars that month, rather than letting the consumers decide what album to buy or which individual tracks to download. However, the consumer has the liberty to choose the service provider, but the services will be more or less same.

As they say, the new service isn’t suggestive of how good the new album from Aminata is, or if you want to grab the classic ‘Cara Mia‘from Måns Zelmerlöw. Much like asking a child, which bedtime story they want to listen to whether they want to read ’Wobble Bear’ or ‘Big Daft Fish‘, rather than asking – ‘do you want to go to bed?’. The new trend is going to be all about Apple’s highly glistening film clips of the keynote which was successful in obscuring the fact that, it’s all about music at the end, in the middle of the two-hour presentation.

Consumers will have to pay the monthly stipend, in order to keep listening to their favorite tracks, since it’s no longer about making a one time purchase of the track  from the market and then enjoy listening to it forever. Once the monthly payment stops, there’s no more to the music and which is astonishingly similar to the kind of prepaid or post-paid billing system, we follow for availing the basic amenities in our daily lives.

Music companies, aim at obtaining a source of regular income from the release of Apple’s music, which is supposed to be a salient feature of doing great business. Whatever you choose – paying every month to listen to ‘Rubber Soul’ or switching to Apple Music, your money will still end up with the major labels.

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