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T-Mobile and Dish deal does not make real sense to analysts

With speculations rising up about the deal between T-Mobile and Dish, some analysts believe that it would be wise for both the companies to try out the other options in hand. T-Mobile has in fact outperformed their own expectations, which is in turn quite a good thing for the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States. To add to the good news for T-Mobile, their shares have risen by 15 percent since the cancellation of the deal with Sprint Corporation.t-mobile-office

According to a few experts, the deal between T-Mobile and Dish is certainly not turning out in the way it should. In fact, T-Mobile is performing much better in the independent state. Although, if the deal comes through, there will be a lot of benefits for both the companies, but it will certainly have a few other impacts as well.

As a matter of fact, T-Mobile does not actually have a lenient negotiator with the name of Mr. Charlie Ergen on the other side. It would certainly run quite a few risks on having a deal with Mr. Ergen.

One of the major positives that will come along with the deal is the available bandwidth for T-Mobile. But considering the small user base that they have in hand right now, bandwidth does not seem to be the major requirement. In fact, with the kind of growth that T-Mobile has shown in the past few months, if worked upon correctly the wireless carrier might well be able enough to but the bandwidth required to support its slowly growing user base.

What has astonished the experts the most is that why is Deutsche Telekom even trying to move into a deal when the T-Mobile is showing so much potential. It will be interesting to see how things turn up as Dish has had a few failed deals with telecom companies in the past.

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