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Oculus Rift headsets to come with an Xbox controller; App store details revealed

Recently, Oculus  held a press event  where it unboxed the consumer Rift headset that will come equipped with an Xbox controller and optical sensor, displayed some of its upcoming flagship games, and previewed its Oculus Touch handheld motion controllers.oculus-rift-vr-headset

Oculus is preparing to revamp its app store for its consumer Rift headset shipping Q1 2016, hence it needs to review games and experience for safety, CEO Brendan Iribe said at the press conference. However, there won’t be much role of third party software or hardware developers, as Oculus will manufacture its own hardware that would be compatible with most of the peripherals.

The salient features that Oculus has plans to embed in its new design are as follows:

Motion Tracking For All

Currently, the Rift tracks your head movement by covering the headset with a constellation of little LED markers that are recognizable by the camera sensor. But now, an Oculus SDK will let third-party devices to pass data to the headset as well as stack on the Rift’s sensor.


Also, Iribe told outside developers will be able to coat their devices in the market by letting the Oculus sensor track them as well, and also since it’s still in the planning stage. The company will provide full API’s for the entire tracking system, headset system and the audio system.

Pre-Approvals, Just Like Apple’s App Store

Iribe confirmed that, the all new Oculus will pre-approve all the application that are already available through its app store. Also, mentioned that, they are going to monitor the content and make sure that it fits the policy for which they’ve put up, which is this safe and clean environment that everyone can know, love, and trust just like other popular app stores.

Oculus is partnering with huge label’s like EVE’s CCP Games, Gunfire Games and Insomniac Games and is also planning to invest $10 million dollars into indie game development, as far as software is concerned.

An Open platform

As Oculus is going to be an open platform, the user experiences will be a ‘comfort rating’, as people will be able to access it outside its official Oculus Home App Store. Iribe further added, we’re going to put comfort ratings on them so you really know what you’re getting.

VR Tax

Oculus’s CEO further added that, company’s app store plans to adopt a monetization strategy similar to other popular platforms, since a lot of funds go into managing and maintaining the store. However, the exact share to be taken by Oculus is still to be disclosed, it will be revealed before the Rift ships in Q1. Also, even if other VR platforms from HTC or Sony try to undercut whatever Oculus charges, the developers will automatically go to a place where they sell on a large scale.

Safe To Strap In

Having bullets flying at you in VR, can be really intense and you don’t really want to be shot at in real life, Iribe concludes. It’s no longer on the 2D monitor, so as soon as you put on VR, you can go numb if you’re careless.

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