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Google’s new online tool will help you pick your next Android phone

Till now, lots of Android phones have been manufactured by the tech giants in this globe. Now, Google wants to give a hand to its users through its list of devices by using a new tool called phone picker.android-phone-picking-help

The all new tool allows deciphering and tells you which phone will be suitable for you by offering several scenarios and also provides primary use of the device. The new suggestion tool required its users to reply to a couple of questions, for segregating the device. Users can select options such as capture image, listening to music, gaming, social media, movie, net searching and so on. After adding these options, the suggestion tool will narrow down the devices and offers a list of smartphones for you.

Once you get the list of choices, you can even customize the search results by price, size and the release date of the device. By clicking the Shop Now, the users will be redirected to a new site, where users can buy the device, otherwise they can email themselves regarding the recommended device for them.

In addition to this, this tool will offer a list of ideas which may work for the users and the process will decrease the process of finding suitable smartphones on the internet. This tool is totally based for the United States and it will also allow the users to decide – What service they can use? For example: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and others. The suggestion tool helps its users to serve the greatest value to them and can be utilized by each and every one for choosing a better device.

Moreover, the main aim of this tool is to provide an exact device, which the user wants. With custom interfaces, screen size and other criteria, Google want to make it simpler.

If you want to see which phone is suitable for you, head over to this link.

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