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NASA’s Hubble captures ‘lost in space’ lonely galaxy NGC6503

NASA has recently released the picture of a lonely galaxy that surrounds itself with nothing but just a void. The galaxy named NGC6503 is located in a desert like zone in our universe. The interesting matter is that in spite of being a lonely galaxy, NGC6503 portrays beauty unlike any other galaxies that we have come across till date.Hubble pictures lonely galaxy: NGC6503

The pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope reveal the majestic size of the galaxy as well as the bright ring of colors that surrounds it. In fact, to find such a galaxy at literally a desert in the universe is quite astonishing within itself.

The NGC6503, also known as LEDA60921 and TC575 is a spiral dwarf galaxy, which is in turn one of its kind. The galaxy resides in an area, which is approximately 18 million light years away from our planet Earth. Now, that is some distance! The Spiral, dwarf galaxy photographed by the Hubble Telescope not only caught the attention of NASA, but European Space Agency as well.

The distant location of the NGC6503 and its unusual location has earned it the title ‘lost in space’. Further reports suggest that the NGC6503 might well be a part of the constellation named DRACO. DRACO is at a precise distance of 20.4 million light years from our Earth. Other estimations suggest that the spiral dwarf planet is about one fifth the size of our own Milky Way Galaxy and has a width spanning over 30,000 light years.Hubble pictures lonely galaxy: NGC6503

What has intrigued the scientists more is the singular existence of the spiral galaxy. In the general scenario, galaxies tend to stay in a group, but the singular existence of NGC6503 has intrigued quite a few individuals. The study suggests that the spiral galaxy is adrift in a desert of the universe, which spans over 150 million light years.

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  1. spiral dwarf planet? I like that. but, seriously, a galaxy that's alone? we might be in a universe that's alone. or a dimension. the fact that our existence is chaos seeking balance should tell us it's our point of view that definition is absolute. it's not. that galaxy might be the leader in a future universal structure. the edge might be in the middle. from that point of view, the rest of us are crammed against the wall. the other thought is that intelligent beings are taking it for a country drive.

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