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Apple iOS 9 to help developers to create ad-blocking apps

The all-new Apple iOS 9 comes with new tools for the developers which allows the developers to block mobile web ads, which comes via the Safari web browser on iOS devices. This means, Google Inc., which owns most of the web advertisement properties, is in trouble.apple-ios-9-ad-blocking-support

In the Apple documentation for developer, the company has mentioned as “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”, which offers a  best as well as an efficient way to block images, pop-ups, cookies and other contents.

Creative Strategies analyst, Tim Bajarin said,

“Consumers have shown that they only want ads and extensions they really are interested in and not sent to them out of context,” “They play a role in the overall tech ecosystem so Apple needs to make it easy for people to opt in or opt out. Apple is mainly responding to the demands of consumers who only want things they really care about.”

But, this may not look as good options for the publishers, who were struggling to monetize via mobile. Joshua Benton writes for the NiemanLab at Harvard mentioned that making money on mobile advertising is becoming a risky task now and also added that, how much the process will be difficult, once the majority of the audience blocks all of the advertisements. The new tool will make a huge impact on the mobile advertisement industry and also those industries whose aim are to provide intrusive ads.

The main impact of “Content Blocking Safari Extensions” depends upon the blocked advertisements. Now, by providing this tool, Apple is explicitly allowing its developers to block the advertisements on the mobile browser.

Not only advertisement, developers can write an extension that blocks cookies from a particular website, and then the site’s cookies cannot be stored in the device. For instance, if a website allows a user to access its premium options for particular times, by blocking cookies, the users can access several numbers of times. Since the cookies won’t be counted, the users can visit it unlimitedly.

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