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Sony Xperia Z1S is rumored to arrive in November.

Sony is planning to launch Sony Xperia Z1S in November 2013. A rumored news of scheduled launching event will be held in Shanghai and Sony Xperia Z1S,  Xperia Z1 Mini (This Smartphone is already launched in Japan and named as Xperia Z1f ), these devices expected to arrive in next month.


Recently, images of Sony Xperia Z1S leaked in press release. The device is codenamed by Sony as “Xperia Tianchi”, featuring phablet, a 6-inch screen size with a 720p display and powered by octa-core MediaTek processor gives faster speed for user experience.

Sony Xperia Z1f is already launched in Japan with screen size of 4.3-inch featuring 720p display, the Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor is bit lower speed processor but as the device is known as Xperia Z1 Mini with 20 megapixel camera for better photo quality.

Sony Xperia Z1 Mini will quite simply be a smaller and inexpensive device with comfort features.

We examined latest release and future release of various Smartphone by companies. Apple already launched latest version, an iPad Air and iPad Mini and there is various pros and cons . They reduce thinness by 27% in their device but as far we know, they are not cost-effective only limited customers buy their device.

Although Sony is innovating, Apple is one more step ahead and changed the market. What’s your thought?

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