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Apple Watch 2 to launch in 2016; LG to remain sole supplier of P-OLED display

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will rely solely on LG’s P-OLED display for Apple Watch 2 that is set to release in 2016, according to the Korean media MK News. The report indicates that Apple is planning a yearly launch cycle of its Apple Watch 2.apple-watch-water-resistance

LG was the sole supplier of displays for Apple’s first smartwatch, and generated revenues of over $186 million in the first quarter of 2016. The company used the potential of the entire smartwatch market valued at $204 million, and Apple Watch raked in much demand. This has made Apple to rely on LG for its second-generation smartwatch, which is likely to be launched in 2016.

Apple reportedly values LG’s ability to produce high-quality panels, and the company does not have to worry  about s shortage of supplies. The P-OLED screens also remains Apple’s top choice due to its low power consumption and flexibility. Though the screen is plastic, Apple covers glass, and with sapphire in the Apple Watch Edition to make it stronger and scratch-resistant.

Apple has considered other suppliers for the display, but the unparalleled performance and the yield rates made the company to choose LG as its exclusive supplier of panels. Though LG has its own P-OLED smartwatches in the market, the partnership with Apple is definitely benefiting the company. Apple Watch has become one of the most successful smartwatches in the market in spite of its premium price.

The second-gen Apple Watch is expected to come up with hardware and software upgrades. No details have been revealed, though Apple has released a preview of the upcoming smartwatch. The smartwatch is expected to include more customization options, time travel, night stand feature and more. Users will also be able to reply to emails, a feature which was unavailable in the first smartwatch. It’s been speculated that Apple Watch 2 might release in April 2016, the same month when the smartwatch made this year.

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