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Apple Pay in the scheme of things only for half of the top retailers

Things have not turned out the way Time Cook would have wanted for Apple Pay. In spite of being optimistic, Apple Pay has not yet gathered the momentum that Tim Cook would have liked.apple0132

According to a survey, Apple Pay although is pitched as a rival for Google Wallet, the online payment service from Apple will have to take large steps in order to come near to what Google Wallet has already achieved. The survey states that around about 50% of the major retailers are looking forward to include Apple Pay in their system.

The survey was conducted with a list of 100 retailers and only 50 of them were actually planning to include Apple Pay. Although, this is an inspiring statistic, but sadly there is an issue as well. The survey also states that approximately two-thirds of the top retailers are not even thinking about Apple Pay. This means that while you have 50 retailers in favor of Apple Pay, you also have around 33 retailers who do not want the online payment service from Apple.

One of the main reasons behind the failure of Apple Pay to excite the retailers is the lack of interest shown in by the customers. In spite of having a craze for Apple devices, it is interesting to see how the customers have refrained themselves from getting excited about Apple Pay.

Some individuals believe that after the incidents with iCloud, people are probably a bit hesitant over security issues. Well, no one knows the real reason behind the lack of customer demand in spite of aggressive promotion from Apple.

Tim Cook had initially proclaimed that the year 2015 will belong to Apple Pay and it seems that his words are far from coming true.

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