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Google Photos offers unlimited storage for standard-res images

Google Photos is now offering infinite storage for standard resolution images for Android, iOS and web browser users. The Photos app can be used to categorize images with People, Places, Things tags, along with GPS location and image search capabilities.google

Each picture must be 16 megapixels or smaller, and videos must not be bigger than 1080. Otherwise the media would get compressed. The feature is likely to be more than enough for photo enthusiasts as most of the high-end phones provide a similar resolution. Users will need to download the Google Photos app from the app store, while Android users already would have known of the feature.

Till now, the app was bundled along with Google Plus, but now it will be a standalone app. Once opened, the app will prompt the user to upload the photos to the cloud. The default setting of the app is to upload the photos only via Wifi. The pictures can remain private, and can be easily shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. The move is likely to push Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive and others to offer more storage.

Apple’s iCloud Photo Library is priced at $.99 for 20 gigabytes up to one terabyte for $20. Though Amazon Prime members can avail unlimited photo storage, non-Prime users will have to shell out $12 for a year for cross-platform access across Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Yahoo has been trying hard to revamp its photo storage Flickr by adding features like cloud-editing and search options. The company is offering five terabyte or unlimited storage for $25 per year.

Dropbox Carousel, one of the first cloud-based storage options if offering one terabyte for $10 per year, one of the lowest in among the above. Google’s move to offer infinite storage is likely to increase its dominance in cloud-storage.

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