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Ambitious PC games from Amazon Game Studios coming soon

Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) is one of the major movers in the arena of e-commerce. The company has also put its name in various other fields, except for PC gaming. This blank will also be filled up soon as the reports suggest that Amazon is planning to develop games for computers.Amazon planning to make an ambitious game for PC

Amazon has been known for streaming games, but this is going to be its first venture into developing games and it seems that the company is all geared up for it. It is not always when an e-commerce giant used to selling PC games decides to develop PC games themselves.

The reports state that Amazon has already made a few listings for the various major posts that they have open for the development of PC games. According to the listing made on Gamasutra, Amazon is looking forward to recruit various individuals from distinct fields for its gaming venture. The interesting thing is that Amazon has stated that they are looking forward to make an ambitious PC game using the latest technology. Now, this leaves us at a fix about what actually to expect?

The reports also suggest that Amazon has already teamed up with the makers of World of Warcraft, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, Dota 2, HALO, etc. for their gaming venture. Amazon will be looking to bring in a team that will be able to work around and create the kind of PC game that Amazon is looking forward to make.

To be true, speaking from the neutral point of view, it will be unfair to expect a lot from Amazon at one go. But in case, if they can pull it off, Amazon will enter the gaming world with a statement.

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