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Tumblr now allows users to search GIFs

On Thursday, Tumblr, a top leading blogging site unveiled a new GIF search tool for the user which allows them to track down the GIF images in the platform and to add some action to the user contents by enriching it by animated images.tumblr-gif

Now Tumblr users can browse through the gallery of popular GIFs in the Tumblr, or even they can search in the entire catalogue that match their contents. The main idea behind the new feature, the users don’t have to create their own file or find them very hard. They can simply surf the catalogue and use existing one from the Tumblr without any sort of hassle.

The GIFs posted in the Tumblr are being indexed now, and catalogued using some sort of native algorithm on the site. When a user selects a GIF, the site automatically gives all sorts of additional information and attributes regarding the same. The new feature will help the users to search the content they want and use them in their own contents in an appropriate way.

Why GIF search tool?

The file format might now be a popular one on the Web while compared to other formats such as .jpg and .png. But, GIFs are really amazing and they appear to be a shorter video clip, that loops again and again. By adding a right GIF, one can humors to their contents easily.

A Tumblr rep offered Wired this motivation for the new search feature:

Tumblr is home of the GIF and reaction GIFs were invented on Tumblr. We drummed this idea up when we built the new text editor, which we launched in January. We wanted to give Tumblr users the ability to post great content, and Tumblr itself if full of incredible content from our passionate community. GIF Search became a no brainer. A great byproduct of this new feature is that it will create more interaction with artists through fixed GIF credits.

The recent roll out from Facebook also increases the search of GIFs on the internet, by implementing the GIF search tool, both Tumblr and Facebook gets good audience from the internet users.

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