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Apple TV usage sees massive growth, but Mac/MacBook usage declines

A recent report from Adobe says that the share of Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) TV is getting doubled at the beginning of this year from the last year end, which outstrips its main competitor Roku.apple-tv

But this might not be a home run for the Apple, and the growth only appears because of people swapping in for Apple TV for online video services, which they watched previously on laptops and desktops.

Tamara Gaffney, a principal analyst for Adobe Digital Index and the lead analyst said,

“If you look at the Mac access, it’s dropping. For Apple, they’re transitioning the lover of their computers into a lover of the Apple TV device.”

The services of online video service are booming, as more people tend to watch on-the-go services from the mobile devices and online service providers are more-in-demand for the content on the Web. This creates a boon for the services such as Apple TV, which plays, television shows on the big screen on the user’s house. In the meanwhile, the rapid growth of the services brought us hidden dangers, and makes the low priced products to be the expense one of the services.

Adobe has examined the browsing behavior of the users, from the first quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year. The survey has been done from more than 500 million visits and 2.8 million user authentications for premium contents. Also, Adobe founds that, Apple TV represented 10 percent of TV everywhere authentication in the first quarter of this year, which is approximately 5 percentage last year. Apple TV has surpassed Roku that has only 8 percent from the last year, and the share of Apple TV may increase, once the price cut to $69 is done.

Also, the report says,

  • TV Everywhere viewing is approximately quadrupled in the previous year.
  • From 6 percent, Over-the-top devices has made growth to 24 percent, while comparing to last year
  • Chrome and Android are the popular browser for online video watching and growth has been more than the Safari than the last year.

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